tverskaya station


moscow without its metro is as unthinkable as a russia without political problems; the underground is the metropolis’ lifeline.

well below asphalt-level the immense moscow daily squeezes itself into an ever-changing gamut of russias extensive collection of inhabitants. all social strata of russian society – embodied by each nationality and every ethnicity that this insanely large country is rich in – ceaselessly pass one another by underground.

for millions of travelers the metro is no more than a means of transportation. an obstacle even; a mandatory, dirty, stale, and noisy hurdle that needs to be taken. and which you need to get out of as quickly as possible. for those who, on the other hand, hold still for a moment, there’s a lot to see, well below moscows asphalt…

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novokuznetskaya station
kitaj-gorod station
kuznetskij most station
komsomolskaya station
oktyabrskaya station
mayakovskaya station
location & destination unknown
turgenevskaja station
avtozavodskaya station
turgenevskaya station
kuznetskij most station
akademitcheskaya station